Back pain after open heart surgery?

Did anyone experience horrible back pain post-op? I am 5 weeks out from open heart surgery to close a hole in my heart (not bypass), still can't sleep on my side. I figure the back pain is from 5 weeks of trying to sleep on my back, but I always slept on my back. Some mornings it feels like my ribs are broken too. Other days I feel ok, but after walking around a while shopping (no pushing the wagon or driving even!) the pain becomes unbearable. I do see my surgeon next week. Because of reactions to the pain meds, I've only been able to tolerate motrin and tylenol (and Tylenol PM to sleep).
Oh brother, lolol. Open heart surgery allows you to feel pain in areas that you never even knew existed! Of course you have back pain! There is no way to avoid it. When they use that rib spreader, guess where the ribs spread TO??! After I got home, I went around for a long time feeling as tho my left shoulder blade in back had been shot off with a shotgun blast! It was agonizing, but not unbearable. Just be thankful for every little bit of pain you feel! Cause if you weren't feeling that pain, you just MIGHT be dead! It will take about 3 month before all the weird aches and pains start to subside. And a year of so before they are just a bad memory! Congrats on surviving your surgery, and may you have a long, healthy, and eventually pain free life! Carole
I am 3 months post op and thank goodness I am finally feeling close to normal! I had a new ache or pain every morning! I found that cardiac rehab is very helpful and stretches those muscles that are healing and gives you more flexability-that way when you do move around you don"t feel as achy. Plus the nurses at rehab were able to answer a ton of questions I had that i felt silly asking my MD.
Good luck to you.
Hey Whimzee. Guess you found spots that are sore that you never knew you had. Over in there have been postings lately about sleeping positions and you might find some suggestions as to comfort of body over there. Never hurts to look in. Valve replacement is a site set up by a young fella who found no info re his valve replacement before his surgery so he set up one. Surprising how many people from different parts of the world come into that site - Australia, Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, and of course good ol US of A. And all of them nice folks - like us!!!!!!
Hi Whimzee..I know what you mean by having a sore back. I am almost 9 months post-op and feel a whole lot better than at 5 weeks post-op. (yes, it does get better, I promise!) At 5 weeks I already starting feeling so good, and so terribly happy that I made it to the other side of surgery. Have had a few set backs in the mean time because I did too much too soon, but the sore upper back is still with me, especially when I feel tired. At times I even find it difficult to stand. I am always looking for a place to sit and have support for that upper back. I might have to look into going to a chiropractor, but I hate doing that. They keep you coming for such a long time. I just want a fix and let me go. I am already going to too many doctors as it is. Good luck whimzee!

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